Northside Community Enterprises (NCE) is registered in Ireland as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Companies registration Office (CRO) number: 215494

NCE is a Registered Charity with the Charities Regulator – Ireland’s national statutory regulator for charitable organisations.  Registered Charity Number: 20034481

NCE is registered as a charity with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. CHY Number: 12054

We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who direct and supervise the affairs of NCE to ensure that it delivers on its goals and objectives, upholds the vision and mission of the enterprise in every aspect of its activities and stays in line with NCE’s Strategic Plan.


The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards that Irish Charities should meet to effectively manage and control a charity.

Good governance involves putting in place systems and processes to ensure that a charity achieves its charitable objectives with integrity and is managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way. At NCE, we are fully committed to implementing and achieving the standards of the Charity’s Code of Governance and are working to ensure complete compliance by the end of 2021. 


We believe that all people have the right to integrate with others in our community, re-educate, train, work and gain the relevant experience to progress to future full-time employment. 


To promote social inclusion and provide accessible training opportunities to serve the needs of the local community

The main objective for which the company is established is:
To establish, maintain, promote, assist, facilitate and organise the carrying on of a Community Enterprise Centre and in doing so to advance the education of unemployed people, provide services to the elderly and to provide and advance educational services to children and adults alike. 


The Board of Directors and the Management Team has identified the following values that will set the tone for all N.C.E activities. All activities will be performed in compliance with ethical practices, legal provisions, safety standards with utmost competence and consistency.

1.    Social Inclusion & Equality
Provide inclusive and respectful services that promote community, empowerment, integration, personal development, a sense of belonging and equal opportunities for all employees. Fairness and transparency are also key here.

2.    Collaboration & Participation
Work and communicate with all NCE stakeholders by offering services that adapt to the needs of the community (NCE employees, trainees, funding bodies, customers, other organisations, the local and wider community)

3.    Courage & Adaptation
To pioneer new ways of moving forward to meet the needs of our community by developing and integrating more sustainable practices throughout NCE. 
Provide training and share best practice that reflects resilience by finding new ways to adapt to changing times. (ongoing pandemic, climate change and community training needs)

4.    Education & Training 
Continue to deliver and develop certified training courses that improve employment opportunities for the community. Offer diverse training options to suit a variety of learning styles. Provide certified programmes that focus on building work life and skills, personal development, confidence building and development of career pathways

5.     Community Engagement & Excellent Customer Service 
Respect, react and adapt NCE by developing services that are vital and reflect the needs of the local and wider community. Continue to provide a consistent, affordable and a high standard of services provided by NCE staff that are a supportive, collaborative and experienced team that recognise the importance of generating customer loyalty, creatively adapting and developing the social enterprises to suit the needs of the community


The following five strategic objectives will contain and propel our work over the period 2020-2022. 
1.    Create more employment and training opportunities for people at NCE

2.    Increase the profile of Northside Community Enterprises (NCE) 

3.    Maintain and establish links with the community, local businesses and organisations

4.    Develop NCE as a model for innovative sustainable practices 

5.    To remain resilient

Click here to see NCE’s Strategic Plan


Every year, our finances are independently audited.  


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